March Memories

Spring is most definitely in the air – it’s warmer, the daffodils and crocuses (croci?) are out in full bloom and March 20th was the ‘official’ first day of spring and I love it! I’ve never been one to appreciate spring as much as I am doing right now, I’ve always thought of it as one of those “in-between” seasons, where the weather is all over the place and you’re just waiting for the next proper season to come in i.e. summer. This year however, I’ve stopped to smell the roses, or daffodils, and realised how important and pleasing spring really is. Pretty flowers, trees starting to grow in their leaves, BABY ANIMALS BEING BORN, saying goodbye to my winter coat and the start of some outdoor fun, it’s all pretty exciting. I’m getting giddy for what’s to come but also this season is giving me a chance to really appreciate the present, so I’ve put together a little post of my memories from the first month of spring as a little catch up from my MIA self.

Weekend away in the lakes

The first weekend of the month was spent in Lamplugh, a little parish in Cumbria on the outskirts of the Lake District. We rented a 28 man cottage and filled it with 28 guys and girls for a weekend of fun which included a lot of prosecco being drunk and many hungover walks in the British countryside. It was an all round bloody good weekend which was topped off with a hike up Blake Fell, 500m high and overall about 10km of uphill (and a scary section of downhill) walking. I can’t say I loved it, those who went on the walk too could attest to that. I haven’t been to the gym in about a year so my poor little chicken legs just couldn’t do it without complaining the whole way up! I wanted to start hiking last year and it’s the same for this year but I definitely need to clock a few miles on the treadmill first!

Afternoon Tea

It was one of my good friends birthdays towards the start of the month and we celebrated with a relaxing couple of hours using the Sienna Spa facilities in the Radisson Blu hotel in the city centre. That was followed by a home cooked mezze meal, plenty of prosecco, pin the horn on the unicorn and the following day we had Asian High Tea at Grand Pacific. It was overall a very classy weekend for us, obviously if you don’t count when prosecco consumption became too much and people started getting wild. It was my second time trying the Asian High Tea (oriental inspired afternoon tea) and it was still delicious, just no so much as the first time. The service was pretty rubbish again, but when you’re with a great group of friends it doesn’t really matter. For anyone who loves afternoon tea and sushi, definitely give it a try!

Street food

I visited Grub Food Fair for the first time this month after consistently liking all the photos they posted on Instagram for the past several months. It’s an event hosted on Saturdays at Alphabet Brewing Company, an independent brewery in the what is called ‘Manchester’s red light district’ – something I’ve never heard of before. They host six different street food vendors each week, with some occurrences every so often so you get to taste your favourites again. Treats you can find are your usuals such as doughnuts, beef burgers, and pizza and you can also try out things you may not of even heard of such as bao, poutine and kielbasa. It’s a great chilled out casual haunt to get some good… well grub, and an ale or two (or a coke if you’re not badass enough for ales like me). I went for a halloumi souvalki (greek wrap with chips inside) from The Authentic and beer battered gherkins from my all time favourites The Hip Hop Fish and Chip Shop.

Afternoon in Chester

One of my dear friends is moving to sunny Marbella for a whole season promoting various high class events in the region and me and another friend drove down to meet her for a lovely little afternoon of food and cocktails (okay just one cocktail as we were driving). Ever since learning to drive I’ve been given a huge amount of freedom and control in what I want to do – I’ve driven to Cheshire, Derbyshire and Warwickshire all by my little old self. If anyone is like me and wants to drive but for some stupid reason didn’t get it over and done with when they were 17, do it now and you honestly won’t regret it. Download this app for help with passing your theory test, hands down it’s what helped me pass mine first time and it gives you a little push to stop putting it off.

New purchases

I’m trying not to buy many clothes/makeup any more as I’m trying to save as much as possible for my trip to Thailand in June. I’ve always allowed myself a treat, probably more than I should however in the past year I’ve had to crack down on buying a new dress every week (yes this pretty much happened in uni) and limiting it to special occasions. This month however I decided to treat myself and spend a little on some new key pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe. I am almost exclusively in black leggings and long sleeved tops so a spring revival is necessary, I NEEDED TO. I bought a few tops from Zara and a denim skirt from Topshop (serious 00s nostalgia) and I also ventured into Boots to try Liz Earle skincare products for the first time. I’ll be posting a review soon of what I think of the brand!

Enjoying the sun

On the odd occasion that the sun likes to show it’s face in England, the only thing to do is get to the nearest outdoor drinking establishment and drink your bodyweight in pimms and gin. Well that’s what I do anyway… Me and a group of friends popped over to Worsley Old Hall in, well Worsley, for a day of enjoying the sun. The sun brings out the best in everyone and I wish it was more of a constant thing here in the UK but alas it isn’t so getting out when it appears is a must and Worsley Old Hall is hands down my favourite beer garden. On the Sunday we had a little mooch to Clifton Marina – I’m making it my mission to explore more of Greater Manchester this year as there are many hidden gems I’m missing out on!

I urge everyone, blogger or not, to look back on your year, month, week, day so you can fully appreciate what you’ve done and who’ve you been with. This has been a great exercise to help me reflect on how lucky I am to have such great people around me and the opportunity to experience some of the things that I do. It really puts it into perspective, especially when you’re feeling a bit crummy about certain aspects of your life. I hope everyone has had a great March and that April is even better for you!



  1. L Dog
    March 31, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    Did your double date night with your bestie slip your mind? 🤔😌

    • taneshajade
      April 3, 2017 / 10:33 am

      Haha unfortunately it didn’t make the cut!

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