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10/10 £££

Let me start off by saying that I could not in my right mind not blog about this restaurant. I went just this Saturday gone for a nice girly lunch, expecting some okay food and beautiful decor and was left feeling amazed by everything. It’s not often that I’m absolutely blown away by somewhere (apart from my beloved Yard & Coop) but the minute I got through the doors I knew I just had to share my thoughts.

In all honesty I wasn’t too excited to try the new Grand Pacific (there’s two by the way, this is the one on Spring Gardens) mainly because they offered one lonesome vegetarian option. I feel really strongly about having more than one option, it’s not fair, especially if you didn’t even like the look of that option but I really wanted to have a look in at the raved about decor and to try the cocktails. Being confined to the one choice was a tad disappointing, and still is because when I return it’s going to be the only main that I can keep going back to but with that being said it was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I’m not sure if it’s because I was fueled by prosecco by that point but it was delicious and every bite was so enjoyable.

I got the King Oyster Mushroom – Crispy Egg, Dashi Broth. I had no idea what was going to be put before me, the description is oh so elusive but I was very pleasantly surprised. Brought to me was a lovely plated dish of baby new potatoes, sweet potato, asparagus, king oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, a weird purple vegetable I’ve never seen before (maybe purple yam) and a crispy coated egg. A separate little teapot came with the dashi broth which I honestly could have got a cup and poured myself a drink of it was that good. Normally veggie broths are pretty lack lustre but this was filled with all sorts of umami flavour, I want to know the recipe it’s that delicious. The broth acted as a sauce despite being quite thin and I pretty much cleared my plate, I even enjoyed the soft yolk egg (soft yolk and me aren’t good friends). This was a perfect vegetarian option, even if you’re a bit weird with mushrooms as many people are, king oyster mushrooms are very firm and don’t have that slimy texture people associate with mushrooms. The portion is quite small, for lunch it was perfect, for dinner I’d definitely order a side salad, vegetables or a couple of chips because chips are life.

You can not come here and not get a cocktail, they have a lovely selection including a whole section dedicated to slings. This is definitely a homage to the Singapore sling and the bar inside the Raffles hotel in Singapore which the restaurant has a very similar look too. I got the Blue Pacific, a very sweet vodka based cocktail made with blue curacao and topped with a mango foam. I started with the huge head of foam which was delicious and then you get to the yummy cocktail at the bottom, it was amazing from start to finish. I tried my friends Kiwi Blanc which was so refreshing on such a sunny day, I can’t wait to go back and try more, I’m eyeing up that grand pineapple…

The decor really is on point from the minute you’re outside, lovely tinted glass doors with gold detail and a pineapple hanging in the sign at the top. I love the dark wood that’s everywhere which really brings out all the gold details found in the light fittings, the tables and even the menus. They’ve got it completely right even down to the small details of the crystal cut tableware and embroidered monogrammed napkins, even the toilets are beautiful! They have hit the mark and gone beyond on making this a place where different groups of clientele can feel welcome, from a ladies lunch to date night with your partner I’d feel comfortable coming back with anyone and that’s what I intend to do!

I wholeheartedly reccommend Grand Pacific and urge you to get out, grab a cocktail and see the place for yourself! It’s not somewhere you can go frequently – at £13.50 for my small portioned main and around £9 per cocktail it’s definitely a splurge kind of restaurant but the high level of service, tasty food and great atmosphere you receive is worth every penny. Have you visited the new Grand Pacific restaurant yet?

Grand Pacific – 50 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 1EN


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