Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

I wasn’t going to make my March Memories post into a recurring thing as I don’t want to bore you with me, me me. Besides you’d get a much better up-to-date timeline of what I’m doing if you watch my Instagram story (cheeky plug…). With that being said I really enjoyed writing that blog post as it made me feel all fuzzy inside about the memories I’d made that month and the people I’d shared them with. It’s a perfect little way of reflecting on life *deep* and I’d definitely recommend everyone try it, even if it’s a little note on your phone as to what you did and why you enjoyed it, it’s good for the soul. Anyway I thought I’d round up whats happened during Spring as today marks the first official day of summer, yay! I’ve scheduled for this to be posted whilst I’m on an overnight train somewhere in the middle of Thailand.


Well you don’t really need to know much about March as I went into big detail here however here is a little round up if you missed my last post. It truly felt like spring had sprung in March as the weather got slightly warmer and the spring flowers started to bloom.

  • Climbed a mountain and hated every second of it but thankfully the rest of the weekend was spent with amazing people that made me forget about that real quick
  • Ate some great street food at Grub Food Fair in Manchester and it was delightful, they’ve opened up again in their new home at the old Mayfield station so get down for anyone craving some street eats
  • Explored other areas in Salford like Clifton Marina and vowed that my goal for the year is to keep exploring other areas of Greater Manchester as it’s in my own back yard
  • Celebrated my friends birthday with a hilarious, prosecco fuelled sleepover and afternoon tea at Grand Pacific/Australasia
  • Drank in my fave Worsley Old Hall on a lovely sunny day and saw one of my good friends off in Chester for her season in Marbella


I’d like to say that April was one of my favourite months so far because of how many people I spent it with however every month has had its positive moments. When you actually look back at each month, you completely forget how you were stressed over putting your card through the washing machine (me) or those nasty vaccinations that made you bed bound for the day (me again). They really are nothing in comparison to the dinner with a friend or laughing with your family. In April I caught up with as many friends as I think I have in any given month, old and new, and that’s what really made it the best. Here’s what I got up to:

  • Visited Dunham Massey in Altrincham and saw a real life deer. If you actually think about it, have you ever seen a deer in person? We then popped to the Axe and Cleaver round the corner and I had an amazing faux-fish and chips, it was a lovely day
  • Celebrated the wedding of my boyfriends Mum which was a perfect day from start to finish. The sun was shining in Coniston and the day was filled with so much love, happiness and booze
  • Ate and drank and drank and ate constantly as I met up and had the best times with my nearest and dearest
  • Tried new places to eat, another resolution of mine


May was both brilliant and saddening, as I’m sure everyone is aware that the cowardly terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 innocent lives happened on 22 May. Our city and nation was completely shocked and every Mancunian has a little bit of their heart teared out after this happened. Thankfully, our little city fought back and I can’t describe how much love and positivity spread from not only Manchester but around the world, it was a testament to the fact that love wins over hate. This is what I got up to;

  • Travelled over to Ireland and spent the first weekend of May (sort of) in Belfast with my boyfriend, you can read about it here!
  • Drank copious amounts of cocktails with friends at Cocktails in the City in Manchester
  • Drove up to Lancaster to celebrate my good friends birthday which was a cute little weekend trip in the countryside
  • Watched The Courteeners with 50,000 other people at Old Trafford Cricket Ground as one of my boyfriends Christmas presents
  • Had an amazing day sesh at Solis Day Party

I’ve got a lot planned for this summer in terms of trips and socialising however I want to try and get back to those new years resolutions I said I’d stick to and have not yet achieved. I need to go back to my own post on how to stick to your new years resolutions but for now I’m going to enjoy my holiday and eat as much thai curry as I can.

What did you get up to for spring? Do you have any plans for summer?


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