Review: Around The World Bar Manchester

Last Thursday I had a great time attending my first ever blogger event! What a better first event to be invited to than one that contains alcohol right? Cocktails to be specific. The Around The World Bar located in the basement of the Bierkeller in the Printworks has created an amazing whole new cocktail menu. Just in time for the summer they’ve created 18 seasonal cocktails that will make for a refreshing tipple as the temperatures start to slowly but surely rise. Me and Faye popped down after work for a brilliant night out.

Bar supervisor Dan Watson says “We look to create a contrast because you can’t just have sweet sweet sweet, that’s not a good combination. We only use fresh purees because they taste much more natural than regular juice, they give the cocktails texture and they look nicer because the colour is stronger.” This is one of the biggest draws for me towards new menu, I hate anything too sickly sweet and I’m more partial to your bitter drinks however all the cocktails I sampled were the right amount of sweet and there was a wide variety to suit different palates. I also love the use of fresh ingredients, fresh purees mean less syrups with god knows what in them so that’s a plus. Who said drinking cocktails couldn’t be (sort of) healthy?

On offer were Long Island Ice Tea, Strawberry Mojito, Passionfruit Margarita, Coconut and Lime Daiquiri, Amaretto Sour, and the English Country Garden, a gin based prosecco cocktail. My favourite cocktail would definitely be the Passionfruit Margarita – I love margaritas! It was so tasty and took me back to my holiday where I drank the night away on margaritas. The Strawberry Mojito was also a big contender as you can never go wrong with a good mojito. I like how all the cocktails were delicious as there’s nothing worse than reading the description of a fancy cocktail and it tasting nothing like you’d hoped. I even tried the Coconut and Lime Daiquiri as well as a Pina Colada, and as someone who’s not that into coconut they were both pretty brilliant.

It was such a lovely setting to meet some great bloggers in Manchester (shout out to Laura and Ellie and the other lovely ladies we met!) and it was great to sip on a tasty drink or two. It’s also fairly large so it was able to accommodate for a large group of thirsty bloggers! It’d be the perfect venue for hen parties or a 21st/30th. I’d love to go back for an after work dinner and drinks catch up as they have a Quorn burger on the menu which I’ve eyed up. It’d be a lovely place to just relax after work with a cocktail that wont disappoint and I can’t wait to go back.

Have you tried any of the new cocktails at Around The World Bar? Which cocktail would you like to try?

Thank you to Lee, Paul and Around The World Bar for an amazing night!


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